SPE Delta YP Board

SPE Delta YP Board

The SPE Delta YP program is always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help out with events. The best way to get involved is to attend events and seek out opportunities with members of the board.  

YP Chairman/YP Liaison   Victor Vaca (Chevron)

Technical/Softskills Programs Chair Gani Sagingaliyev (Manti Resources)

Technical/Softskills Programs Vice-Chair       –      Ben Gary (Halliburton)

Technical/Softskills Programs Vice-Chair       –      Han-Hsien Seah  (Shell)

YP Treasurer                                   – Parashar Saikia (Chevron)

Membership Chair                            Ali Edrisi (Nicholls State University)

Student Liasion                               –      Elspeth Chance (Shell)

Career Guidance Chair                   Daniel Alonso (Chevron)

Continuing Education Chair           Sumit Gupta (Chevron)

Social Chair                                     Michael Karoub (Shell)

Charity Consultant                           Tina Marie Wong (R&R Energy Services)

Charity Chair                                   Oscar Pasache (Tana Exploration)

Communications Chair and YP Advisor Sue Park (Chevron)

Inter-Section Liasion                 Mosun Ogunmola (Baker Hughes)

YP Administrator                       Lauren Fogarty (Chevron)