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Mr. Jaime Villatoro

Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

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Bureau of Ocean Energy Management


Senior Reservoir Engineer with 10+ years of diverse experience working effectively on multidisciplinary development teams and strengths in engineering evaluation, economic analysis, planning, and technical communication. My experience includes onshore and offshore in a variety of basins globally with independents, a major and a service company.

Leverage strong work ethic and expertise delivering practical means of reservoir evaluation and development, considering capital efficiency with broad understanding of costs and project valuation.

► Reservoir Evaluation, Development, Management and Production Forecasting
> Volumetrics, Analog Benchmarking - C&C Reservoirs
> Analytical Reservoir Evaluation - PETEX MBal
> Decline Curve Analysis/Type Curves - DSS, OFM, MS Excel
> Rate Transient Analysis (RTA) - Fekete
> Reservoir Simulation - CMG IMEX, ECLIPSE 100, Tempest & Merlin
> Integrated Reservoir Modeling - PETEX IPM GAP, MBal & Prosper
> Reservoir Surveillance and Waterflood Management
> Well Planning and Screening - Horizontal and UBD/MPD techniques
> Well/Formation Test Interpretation - PanSystem, Saphir and Fekete
> WCD estimates

► Reserves Estimation, Booking and Reporting

► Business Valuation and Planning
> Project Economics Analysis (PEEP)
> Budget and Corporate Planning (MS Excel & Spotfire)

► Leadership and Management
> Project Management
> Decision analysis (Precision Tree) and Risk Analysis (@Risk)
> Working on/Leading Multidisciplinary Teams

► Bilingual (English/Spanish)

Furthermore, I have experience in training/coaching engineers and I am proficient with MS Office applications. Active leadership SPE roles in UT Austin student chapter, Gulf Coast Section and LA Section. Co-authored 7 technical papers plus presented at 3 conferences and a technical workshop.